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Become A Member of the New Kindness Crew

Updated: Apr 21

Imagine Kindness, it's really that simple.
The Kindness Crew

After much trial and error, we have simplified our Kindness Crew so it now has its own new home in Facebook. Just click the link below, then click follow -- no fees, no fuss, no muss.

In the new Imagine Kindness group, we'll be sharing upcoming events, advance tickets options, news, stories of kindness, our podcast, and fun and interesting ways you can be more active in a Kindness Crew near you. So much is coming, you'll be excited to keep tapping into Imagine Kindness and the Kindness Crews around the globe.


If you are a non-Facebook person, we completely understand and want you to stay in the loop of Kindness emerging around the world through our monthly newsletter.  You can join our mailing list below.

Share kindness everyday, everywhere, with intention. 

With love and kindness to you all!



And check out our new Imagine Kindness website.

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