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The time is now to elevate kindness.
Let's imagine together and make it so.



Our mission is really simple: Share The Imaginal Way© through mentoring, growing, and supporting next generation leaders, inventors, & ideators, to create a world where businesses support humanity and the earth in kind, respectful, and collaborative ways. We hope you'll join us in helping shape the world we all know is possible! See how you can participate...

We work with visionary entrepreneurs who are building companies, projects, and ideas that are for the world we all know is possible--and even better for humanity.  Imaginals are leading the way to creating a butterfly world out of caterpillar past-thinking, and we know that at the core of it all is building a culture of Kindness. Our Imagine Kindness Project is a global initiative to spread intentional kindness through music events, education, and Kindness Crew Conferences that bring people together to be, do, and experience more kindness. We are beginning the Amplify Kindness tour in 2024, and hoping to reach cities globally with high-vibe, intentionally focused concerts that shift minds and hearts everywhere.




Welcome to the future of business leadership! We grow and mentor leaders who want to be their best selves while building human-kindness businesses. Through education, coaching, and culture/team building, we help leaders unlock their full potential and live authentically. Join us and let's create a world where business and humanity thrive together!



Hey there, fellow kindness warriors! Are you tired of all the negativity and hate in the world? Want to be a part of a community that's all about spreading good vibes and positivity?  Our Imagine Kindness Crew members are dedicated to making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. With our resources, including education, practices, Kindness gear, etc., we'll help you tap into the power of kindness and create a ripple effect that will spread far and wide. If you're ready to join us on this incredible journey towards a kinder, more compassionate world, sign up now and let's unleash the power of kindness together!



At our core, we're all about building connections and creating incredible experiences that bring people together for collaboration and 'jam sessions'. Whether you're a kindred spirit or a curious outsider, our workshops, retreats, and special events are designed to get your creative juices flowing and foster a sense of community that extends far beyond our local area. And if you're ready for the ultimate adventure, don't miss our Kindness Cruises, Kindness Jam Sessions, and other events just for Imaginals...So, come join us and let's make some magic happen!

Can you imagine a world where... 

  • Communities are more connected and supportive. Neighbors look out for each other, volunteer together, and build relationships across differences.

  • There is less loneliness and more collaboration.

  • Prejudice and discrimination have declined. 

  • People are more open-minded, respectful, and celebrate diversity. 

  • Everyone feels valued for their contribution to humanity.

  • Poverty and hunger are a thing of the past. 

  • When people generously give their time, donations, and resources to help others in need locally and globally, basic needs are met for all. 

  • Disagreements are approached with empathy, dialogue, and compassion, while compromise and reconciliation replace violence, aggression and war.

  • Mental health and well-being are at an all-time state of thriving. Less bullying, trauma, isolation and more emotional support allow people's mental health to flourish.

  • The environment is healed. Humans care for the earth and future generations utilization of our planet. We live sustainably, conserve resources, and protect the valuable nature we all belong to.

  • Innovation is accelerated. Without fear, scarcity or competition holding us back, we collaborate to solve problems and pioneer new discoveries. 

  • Happiness is wide-spread. Simple acts of caring, listening, and extending kindness have ripple effects that lift spirits and make life more beautiful.

  • The more kindness we nurture in ourselves and society, the more humanity's full potential can be realized. Our shared future looks bright when seen through a lens of compassion. And we at Imaginal Ventures want to bring that world into our daily reality. And we would love for you to join us.

  • Imaginal Ventures Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, making your donation tax deductible. Please ask your tax preparer for additional advice.



Are you the kind of person who wants to make the world a better place but don't know where to start? Or perhaps you have a humanity-positive business idea that you'd like to get started? Do you want to be more of your full-self, living the life you KNOW is yours to do?  If you answered yes to any of these, you are one of us and you are likely an imaginal. We only mentor a few people and companies a year, so we can really focus on you. Let us know if you'd like to be part of the world of Imaginals.

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