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Project One-of-a-Kindness


In September 2022, our founder, Lindsay Andreotti, had the inspiration to cross the USA from Seattle to Florida in a truck with her father, Jack, with the sole intention of being in search of kindness--everywhere they went. They acknowledged the kindness of individuals in small towns, big cities, and rural stopping points. And probably not surprising to you, they found more and more kindness. This adventure led to the creation of the One-of-a-Kindness ™ Club and brand that focuses on honoring you for your unique contribution to humanity as well as sharing and spreading kindness around the globe. Sponsored by Imaginal Ventures, the Club focuses on sharing good news of kindness, providing hot-tips for how to practice kindness, and products that allow members to spread more kindness in their local communities. The brand will be bringing to the world inspiring products that will be limited in availability and, as you would guess, one-of-a-kind. 


Jump on the wave of kindness and get in the One-of-a-Kindness ™ Club today!

We welcome you!

Become a One-Of-A-Kindness Ambassador




One of a Kindness Kit

Our One-of-a-Kindness Kit is a  beautiful package of items to enjoy and say thank you to people who:

  • Show you a little kindness

  • Demonstrate kindness to others

  • Who exemplify kindness in all kinds of ways and just just want to say thank you! 

For a simple donation of $100, you'll receive an amazing kit that will include a collection of items that you can either keep or give-away to your favorite people.  Although the contents will change from year to year, you can expect to receive: 

  • 3 beautiful gold kindness currencyTM coins

  • 3 foldable kindness fans

  • Some 'leave-a-bit-of-kindness sticky notes

  • Kindness cards you can write on to share the love. 


This package is sure to bring meaningful recognition to the people you care about, and will spread the message of Project One-of-a-Kindness world-wide.

Kindness Currency

Our One-of-a-Kindness Currency is absolutely the best way to say thank you to people who show you the love.  We use them for appreciation of staff, family and friends, while also recognizing people you meet who simply exemplify kindness, respect, and authenticity.  Made of metal and polished golden finish, these coins are sure to bring meaningful recognition to the people you care about.

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