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The One-of-a-Kindness™  Club

In September 2022, our founder, Lindsay Andreotti, had the inspiration to cross the USA from Seattle to Florida in a truck with her father, Jack, with the sole intention of being in search of kindness--everywhere they went. They acknowledged the kindness of individuals in small towns, big cities, and rural stopping points. And probably not surprising to you, they found more and more kindness. This adventure led to the creation of the One-of-a-Kindness ™ Club and brand that focuses on honoring you for your unique contribution to humanity as well as sharing and spreading kindness around the globe. Sponsored by Imaginal Ventures, the Club focuses on sharing good news of kindness, providing hot-tips for how to practice kindness, and products that allow members to spread more kindness in their local communities. The brand will be bringing to the world inspiring products that will be limited in availability and, as you would guess, one-of-a-kind. 

Jump on the wave of kindness and get in the One-of-a-Kindness ™ Club today!

We welcome you!

Our Imaginal Ventures Mission

Our mission is really simple: Share The Imaginal Way© through mentoring, growing, and supporting next generation leaders, inventors, & ideators, to create a world where businesses support humanity and the earth in kind, respectful, and collaborative ways.

To get started on this journey with us, consider doing one of the following:

  • Join our One-of-a-Kindness ™  Club as mentioned above.

  • Make a donation to Imaginal Ventures to help us to attract and work with many more imaginals who are building companies and projects globally.

  • Sign up for our newsletter highlighting our many imaginals we are working with now.

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