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Team Portrait


We are a non-profit for the primary purpose of being able to collaborate with sponsors and donors like you who also believe that business can and should be done differently--with kindness, respect, and collaboration. Your donations support all of our projects and the amazing people behind them. If you want to see our world operate differently, then you know it takes a lot of helping hands to make a butterfly out of caterpillar parts.  Your generous gift helps us bring support to imaginals who need it most--those leading the way with dreams, alternative thinking, and solid 'good-human' skills.

If there is one in particular that you'd like us to target, we can do that too.  Just let us know in the form below. We appreciate all of your support, and look forward to connecting with you in person at our annual Imaginal Summit.

Thank you for your generosity! Your donation is powerful and received with love.

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