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Simply Said...

...we are here to serve next generation leaders in their creation of human-kind businesses and community.  The world we live in is changing, there is no doubt about it. The question is, what are we evolving to become? Imaginal Ventures is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that has made an intentional decision to support cutting edge, outside-the-box, creative disruptors who are genuinely focused on building a world we want to live in 50-100 years from now.  Since our founding in 2019, we have been proud to witness how our activities have benefitted businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and so much more simply because we supported a big idea and the leaders behind it. 

Here are just a few ways we are serving imaginals...


The Imaginal Way© 

Very soon there will be a video here that shares the story from our Founder and Imaginal1, Lindsay Andreotti. But to give you a sense of The Imaginal Way, you need to hear the story of how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. To put it simply, imaginals are the leaders who can envision the new and collaborate together to make it a reality. They are often thought to be dreamers, disruptors, and revolutionaries, but not often embraced.  At Imaginal Ventures, we embrace you, and know that if it weren't for the imaginals in this world, we would not evolve as a humanity.  

How to Get Started

Our mission is really simple: Share The Imaginal Way© through mentoring, growing, and supporting next generation leaders, inventors, & ideators, to create a world where businesses support humanity and the earth in kind, respectful, and collaborative ways.

To get started on this journey with us, consider doing one of the following:

  • Join our One-of-a-Kindness ™  Club.

  • Make a donation to Imaginal Ventures to help us to attract and work with many more Imaginals who are building companies and projects globally.

  • Sign up for our newsletter highlighting our many Imaginals we are working with now.

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A Message from
Our Chief Imaginal

Lindsay Andreotti, MSOD

When it comes to doing the work I love, I am at my best when I am deeply listening, discovering someone’s authentic passion & purpose, and supporting them through the process of taking courageous action to live their best life.  Without a doubt, I am a mentor, a muse, and an imaginal who loves to watch new ideas become reality through the entrepreneurs and leadership teams I work with.

I am passionate about strategizing with & mentoring conscious leaders/entrepreneurs who want to "play to win"​ rather than "playing not to lose"​. I am a focused business strategist, mentor and team builder, with a 25 year history of deep business and entrepreneurship training along-side a repertoire of life hacks, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and meditation that I bring to bear in all of my consulting, strategic planning, and mentoring programs.

In 2022 I embarked on the creation of Imaginal Ventures because I am noticing that there’s never been a better time in human history than now for imaginals to join forces and work on dreams and projects that inspire and propel us forward as humanity. 

What am I up to this year?
It’s fun to think about all the great ways I can serve communities and humanity this year ahead.  Here are the top 5 things I’m working on this coming 12-18 months.

  1. Building up and sharing with the world the One-of-a-Kindness Club and brand. We will be doing retreats, random acts of kindness, and launching Kindness Currency in a big way this coming year. We are kicking-off in 2023 on a One-of-a-Kindness Tour focused on finding, spreading, and inspiring kindness as a way of being in business. 

  2. Supporting 3-5 companies from pre-revenue to great revenue stage. Yes I have a few in mind. Email me if you’d like to know more!

  3. Co-creating and supporting the Global Sisterhood BROADcast Network (, and kicking off 2-2 new podcasts.  Stay tuned for Underwired, I Don’t Wanna Talk About That, and maybe even one more podcast in 2023.

  4. Being a great mom and bonus-mom to the kids and family members I love and adore.

Other interesting facts about my history, in case you want to know more:

I am an author, speaker, workshop creator, mentor and consultant. I’ve seen the best and the worst of business In my career.  I have coached over 500 executives and leaders, all who have had a huge impact on the lives of their teams, companies, and communities they serve.  In my career, I have contributed to the growth and development of many "small but mighty"​ businesses and cities in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Vancouver, BC through mentorship and creatively connecting people in my network. Some of my more notable clients include:  Tommy Bahama, Coinstar, Microsoft, The Audubon Society, Ads Inc., American Ninja Warrior Producers, City of Mercer Island, WA, City of Woodinville, WA, City of Shoreline, WA, City of Tustin, CA and hundreds of small businesses who wanted to grow in the most effective ways possible.

I am a Master Certified Trainer for Mindvalley, Inc. ( and Clarity International (, who both produce workshops all around the world in living life on purpose and getting more out of every single day!  I get great joy out of creating self-awareness experiences for individuals and groups who desire more satisfaction and conscious practices in their lives.

I  have taught Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, Seattle University , Lake Washington Technical College, Bellevue College, and a wide variety of high school classrooms across America.  Because I just couldn’t get enough of the entrepreneurial life, I supported several start-up incubators in the Seattle area, and led the Start-up America effort in Washington State.  In 2019 I moved to Florida full-time and have begun the efforts to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem in my new home state as well.  I have spent countless hours with entrepreneurs and leaders in communities who truly want to change the world--and I am excited to see where we go in 2023!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


We are a non-profit for the primary purpose of being able to collaborate with sponsors and donors like you who also believe that business can and should be done differently--with kindness, respect, and collaboration. Your donations support all of our projects and the amazing people behind them. If you want to see our world operate differently, then you know it takes a lot of helping hands to make a butterfly out of caterpillar parts.  Your generous gift helps us bring support to imaginals who need it most--those leading the way with dreams, alternative thinking, and solid 'good-human' skills.

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